Viens on fait des photos pour ton blog, là t'as un peu abusé quand même.

    J'avais perdu la batterie de mon appareil hein.

    EVA :
    robe H&M / collants American Apparel / ceinture SNCF (ouarfouarf) / chaussures Zara / bracelet Erin Wasson for Low Lux on / boucle d'oreille Accessorize
    pull H&M / soutien-gorge American Apparel / leggings Black Milk / chaussures ? / collier Fashionology

    Photos par Tony Stone.

Cet article n'est pas sponsorisé, en même temps j'aurais pas été contre, enfin j'aurais juste reversé les 25%, voilà voilà (ceci est une demande plus

    ou moins subtile à l'attention d'H&M, parce que je veux bien les sacs de couchage, en fait.

    top oversize H&M Against AIDS / écharpe H&M Against AIDS / tente H&M Against AIDS / bandeau H&M / chaussures Keds

    Photos par Tony Stone.

Instant blogueuse mode.

    Je suis désolée pour la qualité qui laisse à désirer de ces photos, mais tu vois, je ne pouvais pas juste attendre et prendre mon mal en patience jusqu'à ce que le soleil daigne se lever 9 heures plus tard.

    Un grand merci à, autant pour l'envoi impeccable (le papier cadeau, c'est systématique chez eux. Ils déconnent pas), la sélection de malade de fringues, chaussures et accessoires Acne (graou), Vivienne Westwood (graou²), Minimarket (graougraou), et j'en passe. En gros, je vous recommande chaudement d'aller y faire un tour !

    Porte-cartes Vivienne Westwood / bracelet Low Luv by Erin Wasson / short See by Chloé / chaussures Steven by Steve Madden

    Animal Collective - Taste

Je chante très bien le japonais.

    marcel Petit Bateau / jupe Urban Outfitters / cardigan H&M / chaussures New Look / cartable Kipling

    Asobi Seksu - New Years

Hong Kong!

    yay, Blogger is not banned from Hong Kong!  I guess it's only Mainland China which is where I will be from tomorrow on.  Quick post of what I'm wearing.  This outfit is ENTIRELY about comfort.  10 hour shopping missions mean sweats pants, loose tee, and comfy walking boots (with gellin pads inside!)
    heather grey tee-Copula
    floral sweatpants-Hong Kong
    ankle boots-vintage from Etsy
    leopard wire headband-Thailand
    buttery soft leather bag-vintage

    P.S.  THANK YOU for all the lovely comments about the diy boots!  I had no idea people would like them so much since they are a little kookoo.  Also thanks to every single one of you who is following me on BlogLovin...I can't tell you how humbled I am.  For those of you who don't know BlogLovin, you need to get on it now!!!  It allows you to keep track of all your favorite blogs on one page, automatically updating who has updated! Definitely helps the inspiration process instead of clicking every blog to check for updates!  Here's a vid on how it works:

Friend's style : Charles Guislain

First the thought. And then the act.

    top Your Eyes Lie / jogging American Apparel

5 foot 8

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    ground level never seemed this far away..
    orange net sweater-thailand (distressed by me)
    high waist skinny jeans-American Apparel
    boots- Pleaser x DIY

    Dear Charles Anastase,  
    For months, I have been writing you, inquiring about these dungeon boots:
    and I promise I would have paid good money for your awesome design,  but since I did not hear from you, I could not wait any longer....I made them myself.  I'm sorry.  I don't usually buy knock-offs, and you can rest assured I will not profit monetarily like other companies (*ahem* JS) from your design...


    Ok, folks, now that I have gotten that off my chest...I will now reveal how truly insane I am.  The process of making these were so painful....Frankly, I dont even want to talk or think about it ever again!
    I started with these classy bad boys from Pleaser.  I hated the shape of the it curved in and was sort of skinny.  I also didn't like how the platform wasn't seamless.  So what do you use to fix a common problem like that?  Good ole BONDO.

    I filled the seams with bondo and sanded it until it was smooth.  For the heel, I kept packing on the putty to get the right thickness.
    The sanding part was terrible.  I wanted to cry every minute of it.
    After I achieved the shape I wanted, Eric helped me spray it with black texturized rubber spray.  I then jammed on some spikes I bought from Ebay and laced them with the dirtiest sneaker laces I could find.  There you have "never do it again do it yourself" project.

    I'm off to work in Hong Kong, China, Tokyo for the next 3 weeks...Sadly, China does not allow me to use blogger over there so I will not be updating... be good kids and all my love ♥