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    Comme je l'ai annoncé il y a quelques jours, voici donc un nouveau concours. Je vous propose de nouveau des bijoux, certes, mais cette fois-ci il nous viennent de Suède (ligne-droite-géométrie-minimalisme-la-suède-ikea-quoi). Créées par SandeliusDesign, ces boucles d'oreilles se mettent par la "voie classique" si-je puis dire, mais l'illusion est parfaite.
    J'avoue les avoir un peu mal mises, mais en même temps j'avais un peu l'oreille pleine de plâtre, je m'excuse d'avance.

    Pour gagner une paire il suffit de répondre à la question suivante :

    "Ça vous inspire quoi, le gothisme suédois ?"

    La réponse la plus drôle sera la gagnante ! Vous pouvez répondre par n'importe quel moyen, que ce soit photo, vidéo, musique, texte, mais attention vous DEVEZ EN ÊTRE L'AUTEUR(E).

    Envoyez-moi vos réponses, comme d'habitude sur (ET NULLE PART AILLEURS).

    Vous avez jusque dimanche prochain (le 5 Décembre) !


    Today's a contest day ! It's still about jewellery, but today we're talking about swedish jewellery. Created by SandeliusDesign, those earrings look awesome but are actually very simple to wear, as easy as a simple earring.
    The way I wear them doesn't give them real justice, but my ear was full of plaster... I'm sorry for that.

    To win them, you only have to answer the following question :

    "What does swedish gothism inspire to you ?"

    The funniest answer will be the winner ! You can answer by any way you want to : photo, video, music, text, but you MUST BE THE AUTHOR.

    Send me you answers as usual on (NOWHERE ELSE).

    You can enter the contest until next Sunday (December the 5th) !

    jj - My Life

Harriette Crottée.

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    Je ne fume plus, ne bois qu'occasionnellement, dors bien, et c'est pourtant maintenant que je me tape les plus grosses cernes et le teint violet. J'aimerais comprendre.

    (Non je n'ai pas vu Harry Potter)

Portraits. #1-10. (repost)

    models : Andria, Tony, me, Sacha, Ombeline, Eva, Catherine, Thibault, Justine, Salomé.


    If you're in the LA area, come say hi on black friday and dig through my vintage stuff and samples from PlayMe and UNIF.  Everything will be SUPER CHEAP!  Stamp'd LA will also have some great sneaks!  You can find us in the back of the Joyrich store....I'll be the one that looks like this (instead of bags it will be clothes)....

In the morning.

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Pour ceux qui se poseraient la question :

    Mon blog est donc de retour, après deux jours de bagarre. Donc non, je n'ai pas posté quoique ce soit de bizarre, comme le truc facebook et autres liens douteux. Je me suis faite pirater.
    Le hacker est passé par mes mails et les a tous piratés, allant jusqu'à mon compte Paypal (mais en même temps pas de quoi s'inquiéter, il y a 0€ dessus...).
    Quelques posts ont disparu (de novembre à août), je les reposterai si ça vous intéresse.
    Je reposterai également mes séries.
    L'essentiel étant d'avoir récupéré mon blog :)

    Bisous et un grand merci pour votre soutien


Salomé. (repost)

Red Robes

    vintage Chico's velvet robe-ebay
    olive tank-LF store
    shorts-vintage Levi's
    boots-Junya Watanabe Comme des Garcons

    It was so windy today, it made wearing this thing all the more dramatic.  I look so pissed in the first pic but I can assure you I was a happy camper (duh-sunday funday).  I've really been into robes lately; probably because they justify temper tantrums and make me feel like the boss lady.

    For better response to your questions/comments (as you all know I'm terrible at commenting back and I'm SORRY!!), follow me on twitter HERE and I promise to be better at responding!
    ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Spanish Moss Vintage

    Spanish Moss Vintage is one of our new accounts to carry PlayMe jeans and I couldn't be more excited.  They carry an array of hand-selected vintage items and new brands on their online store.  I LOVE THEIR VINTAGE SELECTION!!! I find a lot of vintage shops to be over saturated with neon 90's parachute pants or doily mexican embroidered dresses, but Suzanne of SMV gets it when buying vintage for her store, which is why most of the stuff sells out so quickly.  Above are some pictures from their newest editorial and my picks from the shop vintage section HERE

Rose Hills


    olive trench-hong kong
    t-shirt-Religion x DIY coffee stained
    red boots- Ann Demeulemeester

    I'm finally back from China!  While I was gone, I missed my cousin's birthday so today we spent some time hanging out at Rose Hills by his grave.  It may sound kind of creepy but I enjoy going there watching the sunset, smoking stogies, and reminiscing on the good old times with him. Shawn would have been 32.  He passed at the young age of 23 when I was 18 due to bone cancer.  He was like my brother and I still miss him so much. Happy Birthday Shawn!

    On a lighter note, hope everyone had a great weekend! Will post some pics from China as soon as I get them developed!
    ♥ ♥ ♥  
    PS started a twitter and am completely lost...shhheet is confusing!
    add me and teach me the way