General Kongkongorille

    tshirt Your Eyes Lie / short jean coupé Mango / chaussures Keds

Moi bobo ? MOI ???

    Robe H&M / chemise Maje / chaussures Urban Outfitters / colliers offerts

    Oui, encore du Gorillaz, mais c'est trop bonheur.
    Yeah, Gorillaz again, but it's happyhappyhappiness.

sorry i couldn't resist....

    sia - clap your hands (diplo remix)

    wait for the boygeorge x rickowens hybrid dude. amazing.

    thanks david!

S***pe en plastique. Nan mais fallait que je la fasse à un moment ou un autre.

    robe t-shirt Uniqlo / ceinture ? / boots Topshop / collier gift from Sacha Dumain / sac Freepstar

    Je tiens juste à répondre aux innombrables mêmes demandes pour la dernière fois : pour savoir quel appareil photo j'utilise, allez voir dans la FAQ.
    Je le répète ici, mais vraiment parce que je suis sympa : j'utilise un Canon EOS 450D, et oui, je retouche mes photos, mais uniquement au niveau de la couleur et des contrastes.

Easy Rider

    leather american flag vest-ebay
    white blouse-thailand
    shorts-vintage jordache
    peace sunglasses-party supply store
    leopard diego-alexander wang

À défaut de checker la wave'z, ils checkent le beach edge.

RIP Malcolm McLaren

    A little late on the memorial post but I was in Thailand when the legend passed and had no idea until today. I wouldn't describe myself as punk-rock but I sure love the Sex Pistols and have immense respect for Malcolm McLaren, who single-handedly, alongside Vivienne Westwood, paved the style, sound, genre of what we call punk today.
    The shirt I'm wearing below is an original 1976 Malcolm McLaren Vivienne Westwood Seditionaries "Personal Collection" tee.   Eric, being the rare t-shirt monger, bought this from a private seller for an undisclosed amount.   It features Mickey pummeling Minnie...well worth any dollar amount if you ask me.
    ripped jeans-just usa
    armour ring-Vivienne Westwood
    ♥alexander wang leopard diego bag (from OAKnyc)♥
    birthday gift to myself from my CapitalOne credit card
    (that I do not plan on paying off....ever)

    As for the other shirt...I won't say too much about.  It is an ORIGINAL Malcolm McLaren/Vivienne Westwood that I am posting for reason no more than to showcase tribute to Malcolm McLaren and his life's work.  I am not a  racist. I do not wear this shirt.  DO NOT freak out please.

    R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren


    and...we're in!!!!

    floral maxi-Copula
    rabbit fur purse-vintage
    pastel sandals-Hong Kong
    Bobbie wearing a grey Christeric maxi with my vintage coin belt
    ♥best friend and boyfriend♥
    i bet you are
    the french know how to party!!
    and of course Die fokken Antwoord!!

    Coachella was short and sweet...definitely could not have handled 3 days of the madness...only went for saturday and left by sunday morning...saw some great bands play:
    Muse was phenomenal
    Major Lazer was fantastic
    Z-trip was SIIICCCKK
    Die Antwoord made my night!

    ♥ Hope you all had a greeeaattt weekend! ♥